Meeting Minutes

Multimedia-Grade Working Group Weekly Minutes and Actions for 9/9/2010

Next meeting: 9/16/2010 @ 2P EDT / 11A PDT
Conference bridge:  1-877-347-0176
Participant code:  7658765499

1.  Robert to update the group on Aruba's progress solving IOS issues related to Aruba's APs and controllers.

2.  Brad to prepare and deliver a comprehensive problem statement to Apple detailing the IOS problems identified by the group.

Issues Being Tracked:
1.  IOS related issues are widespread. Emory and Spherion have seen intermittent issues with iPhones holding onto SSIDs longer than they should during roaming (device stickiness) and UTK has seen issues with the controller handling DHCP and NAT for these devices (especially when approaching IP exhaustion).

2.  iPhone 4 supports 802.11n on 2.4GHz only.  Creates much interference and congestions as referenced in the Network World article identified by Shehzad - "iPhone 4 Wi-Fi proves a challenge for university".

*  Matt Hess announced a relevant webinar on "Campus Technology Infrastructure" hosted by Converge.  The webinar is at 2P on 9/23/2010.  Contact Jeremey Smith, to register.

*  Brad announced the mail list would be operational Friday.


*  Brad discussed the meeting workflow proposed in his email to the group last week.  All agreed with the format.

*  The current issues were reviewed and status discussed.  New issues were solicited.  The IOS issue is receiving high priority inside Aruba.  Robert will report on Aruba's progress at next week's meeting.  The group discussed putting together a comprehensive description of the problems encountered to deliver to Apple.  Brad will take the action to assemble, draft and deliver a report to Apple.  Brad and Robert will use their contacts to find the right channel into Apple.  If anyone has appropriate contacts within Apple, please contact Brad with details.  Brad brought forth the issue raised by Shehzad per his email regarding the Network World article about the iPhone 4's support for 802.11n on 2.4GHz only.  The group discussed this issue and its impact within their respective institutions then agreed it should be tracked.  No other issues were brought forth at this time.

*  Brad reviewed the outline for developing the white paper including the leaders he has asked to drive its categories as well as their role in the process.  A discussion of each area will begin next week per the schedule below. Each group leader will be asked to lead the discussion for their area.

1.  Multimedia "Drivers" - Dave Morton, U Washington (leader confirmed) - Group discussion scheduled for 9/16.
This would encompass defining the applications, devices and services that drive multimedia on a wireless infrastructure and detailing their impact on a wireless environment.

2.  Scale - Walt Magnussen, Texas A&M (leader unconfirmed) - Group discussion scheduled for 9/23.
This category is all about how to scale an infrastructure for  multimedia access and performance.

3.  Access Provisioning - Philippe Hanset, UTK (leader confirmed) - Group discussion schedule for 9/30.
This category details how to secure and authenticate the plethora and diversity of wireless multimedia devices.
(This was formerly called security then subsequently refined to the most critical challenge)

4.  Network Integration - Shehzad Amin, Northwestern (leader confirmed) - Group discussion schedule for 10/7.
This category would describe how to integrate a Multimedia Grade Wi-Fi infrastructure with the backbone and edge wired clients/servers.

5.  Client Integration - John Turner, Brandeis (leader confirmed) - Group discussion schedule for 10/14.
This category discusses effective methods for successfully integrating Wi-Fi clients with multimedia sources.

*  Brad asked if there were any announcements.  Matt discussed an upcoming webinar on "Campus Technology Infrastructure" hosted by Converge he felt was highly relevant to the group (see Announcements above).  Brad mentioned the mailing list would be operational on Friday 9/10.

*  Brad solicited any other business for the group but none was offered.